Hey Lady

file_008Running my icy fingertips down her toned back
while she presss her soft lips against my own,
exhaling warm, controlled puffs of air
as she moves down my chin, to my neck..
Pleasure radiating through my body
as I let her hands wander from my breasts,
down my torso, to my legs..
Reaching my thighs with her mouth
before her hands get the chance.
Her eyes like sapphire, glittering back up at me
as she places silken kisses up my sides,
letting her hands linger,
making me moan in satisfaction.
My hands caressing her curves
when she finally returned to my lips –
tasting every inch of her journey
sweet on my tongue,
running my fingers through her dark tresses,
breathing in every hint of her alluring aroma
as I let my hands slide back down her body,
teasing her into bliss while I kissed her neck
and whisper in her ear
how much I love the moment
I can see her eyes roll back
and her mouth open just slightly
as she tries to muffle her whimpers of euphoria.

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