Luminosity of Panic

Harsh, white lights
A tightness in my chest
An overwhelming sad
Creeping in over my shoulders.
I try to change rooms
To avoid the oncoming panic.

Dark, empty bulbs,
The humming of a bathroom fan.
Slow, deep breaths
Not stopping the rush of thoughts
Hitting me like an oncoming train.

The red sun’s glow
Beating down as I
Run to my car in fear
That my shaking hands
And sobs will offend you.

Yellow, incandescent lights
Barely illuminating my dash
While I try to catch my breath,
Tears pooling in the creases on my face,
My heart beating out of my chest.

The oncoming darkness of dusk
Cuts through my windshield
As I sit in your driveway
Trying to soak up enough silence
To drown out my swelling panic;
Growing embarrassment.

Dim, fluorescent lights
Slowly revealed
As your garage door lifts.
An open door,
For when I’m ready.

Soft, pink lights
While I’m curled in a ball
At the foot of your bed
Taking comfort in your distant company,
Trying to ease my mind;
Trying to stop my worry.

Indigo and rosy lights
Swirled on the ceiling
Watching you rest,
Tension relaxed under my touch –
The only calm I can provide.

Prompt: Jolt

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