It’s important to be smart and gorgeous.
You don’t want wandering ghouls at the bar,
To win you over with practiced tongue tricks,
So they can claim their triumphs,
And leave you lost and confused.

It is much better to intimidate,
with a mind so full of knowledge,
And, with a mouth so witty and quick,
That he thinks twice before he calls you,
just a pretty face.

You are worth so much more,
than your beauty and your curves.
You might not think so sometimes
When 23 sneaks up on you,
And you’re feeling lost and sad.
you are worth much more
than just a pretty face.

Hey Lady

file_008Running my icy fingertips down her toned back
while she presss her soft lips against my own,
exhaling warm, controlled puffs of air
as she moves down my chin, to my neck..
Pleasure radiating through my body
as I let her hands wander from my breasts,
down my torso, to my legs..
Reaching my thighs with her mouth
before her hands get the chance.
Her eyes like sapphire, glittering back up at me
as she places silken kisses up my sides,
letting her hands linger,
making me moan in satisfaction.
My hands caressing her curves
when she finally returned to my lips –
tasting every inch of her journey
sweet on my tongue,
running my fingers through her dark tresses,
breathing in every hint of her alluring aroma
as I let my hands slide back down her body,
teasing her into bliss while I kissed her neck
and whisper in her ear
how much I love the moment
I can see her eyes roll back
and her mouth open just slightly
as she tries to muffle her whimpers of euphoria.


file_007-1My hands are tired of writing poems
reeking of love for others.
So instead I’ll focus on
loving myself.

I love the way
I can put my mind to anything
and achieve with ease;
being a quick learner
has its perks.

I love the way
I can submerge myself in another person
but somehow remain afloat;
I will never lose myself completely in love.

I love the way
my body looks,
even though sometimes I don’t;
I am proud of what I have accomplished.

I love the way
I have pushed myself
on my constant quest for knowledge,
love and appreciation;
I will be better.


The snow looks like bugs
swarming under late-night lights
driving down the highway
on the way to your house.
My head so full of ideas
of things I want to say
when I get to you,
but I don’t.
My hands twitching
for something to do,
for your body to hold,
My heart so sore
from yearning for too long;
This kind of pain
all too familiar.
For now, I am content
watching your wild eyes dance.
Prompt: Tempted


file_005I love the feeling of earned exhaustion –
The winds howling sweet songs in my ears,

the cold pinching readily at my fingertips,
making my hands burn.

A steady, rocky climb
to a place that emanates tranquility
only to later descend back into where
the stagnant echoes of civilization
begin to drown out the comfort of the trees;
and although nature’s grasp tugs and pulls at my feet,
I have to return.


file_002-3Deep in the forest,
Winding along broken paths,
Breathing in air heavy with the dew of a fresh rain –
I think of nothing but my feet,
navigating through the roots ahead of me.
Never deviating from the route
for the trail tends to allow
obstacles easy access
to travel your path –
huge, lurking beasts
meandering just outside
of the trail you’re crossing.

Prompt: Crossing