From here, I watch you lost in thought,
creating stories to propel you.
And though you’re just out of earshot,
there’s so many things I wish I could tell you.

And when my desire can no longer be faught
and I crawl over just to be closer,
I stop my self from being overwraught
by becoming your personal composer.

And though there are many ideas I’ve got
of the things I want to do,
For now my efforts are for naught,
until this cage I’m able to breakthrough.


Replace my sense of
anxiety with the notion
that here, I am safe.

Never been in such
a nonjudgmental presence;
Never felt this overwhelming want
to be in someone else’s company –
Your silence makes you all the more alluring.

I love to watch you deep in thought,
your effort focused into what you’re creating,
developing such an insatiable longing
to have you close to me.

The challenge of trying to elicit
praises of admiration from you,
to have you once more express your opinion of me,
to have it drip from your lips…
so enticing.

If only the words weren’t lodged in my throat,
If only the things I want to do to you
weren’t frozen in my muscles;
If only I could let go enough to show you
how much passion I really possess…

I promise I’m much more exciting to love
than I have been thus far.
but, being unable to express what I want to give you,
what I want to do to you,
leaves me feeling empty.


It’s important to be smart and gorgeous.
You don’t want wandering ghouls at the bar,
To win you over with practiced tongue tricks,
So they can claim their triumphs,
And leave you lost and confused.

It is much better to intimidate,
with a mind so full of knowledge,
And, with a mouth so witty and quick,
That he thinks twice before he calls you,
just a pretty face.

You are worth so much more,
than your beauty and your curves.
You might not think so sometimes
When 23 sneaks up on you,
And you’re feeling lost and sad.
you are worth much more
than just a pretty face.