Crisp, clean air biting my neck,
as I continue down a path
twisting around gnarled logs.
Some lay mangled around me,
looking displaced in a sea of stone and earth.
Walls of rock, painted with moss from the sun,
jut out from the side of the mountain;
challenging me to walk closer to the edge.
I try to avoid the moist soil,
soft from spring rain,
that compresses easily under my weight
while jumping from rock to rock.
Here my rushing thoughts are meaningless.

Prompt: Meaningless

The air lately: Free Verse

I want to pretend that I am happy,
but I’m not.
I don’t like being held in lower priority
than something inanimate.
I don’t like being in this weird in-between,
all this ambiguity drives me up a wall –
you either want me or you don’t.
I don’t like putting in effort,
and time,
and getting no return;
And, boy, don’t even get me started
on what I’ve missed out on…
But still,
here I am – feeling stupid and afraid to leave;
afraid to let go.
Everyone tells me to run,
to get out as fast as I can,
that you’re going to do just as everyone has done,
But still,
here I sit
because I believe you’re worth it,
I know.

Prompt: Controversy